Welcome To Form²

FORM² enables you to capture and manage the data you need simply and efficiently. An innovative form authoring and distribution system, FORM² facilitates the completion of electronic forms on iPad devices. The system is comprised of an online authoring system and an iPad app for the completion of distributed forms.


Quickly create forms using our drag and drop form creation system, and common templates.

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Capture data quickly and easily. With our time saving features, the process could not be simpler.

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No need to worry about whether you have an internet connection, simply re-sync once one becomes available.

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No need for paper, printers, scanning or filing and all your data is easily exported.

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Don’t just take our word for it, the FORM² is already being used in a number of organisations across the UK and Australia, and we’re proud of the great feedback we receive on both the application and our support.

“The use of FORM² has helped us to streamline the electronic sign-off process for students during their clinical attachments. Creating forms and making them available on students' iPads is very straightforward.

Mari Toro-Troconis,

E-Learning Strategy and Development Manager Imperial College London

"FORM² has significantly streamlined our assessment and evaluation processes. They are easy to create, publish and administer. We have now replaced a number of our paper based clinical examinations and workplace based assessments."

Kate Jurd

University of Queensland

"We have survived our first cycle of MMIs and cannot quite believe how smoothly it's gone! The interviewers loved it, the candidates universally thought it was a good thing, and the iPads came up trumps - we love FORM²"

Fiona Kevan

SLT Education Lead, School of Psychological Science, University of Manchester