FORM² a form authoring and distribution system that facilitates the completion of electronic forms on iPad devices. The system is comprised of an online authoring system and an iPad app for the completion of distributed forms.

Forms are authored online using a standard web browser and distributed to users through group management functionality. Users can complete and save forms offline which can later be submitted whenever they have an internet connection. Both sent and draft forms are saved on users’ devices so that they always have a copy and some forms are returned to the user as a Word document.


Since 2011, Manchester Medical School (MMS) has undertaken the largest deployment of iPads within UK Higher Education. Working towards the more efficient collation of students’ compulsory workplace-based assessment data led us to evaluate how existing information management software could replace previously paper-based systems.

Following an evaluation of six, and a trial of one, commercially available packages, the existing software solutions were found to be inflexible and unfit for purpose. This resulted in the development of a new digital solution that addressed the limitations of the previous system. “University of Manchester (UoM) FORM²” consists of an app and a web-based administration system that respectively permit high volume data collection and management.

FORM² has now replaced the preceding paper-based and electronic systems within MMS for workplace-based assessment administration, due to the improved usability and dynamicity built into its interface and infrastructure. This new system has found many further useful applications, including research data collection, feedback, placement evaluations, quality assurance and interview marking.