FORM² can be used to collate high volume university admissions


Over 200 staff, students and clinicians have used eForms to collect scores and comments on applicants from over 6000 mini-interviews (around 400 per day) during the MMS MBChB admissions process.

Users reported the benefits of using eForms over a paper-based admissions system as follows:

  • It was environmentally friendly, replacing thousands of paper marksheets
  • The administrative workload was reduced – paper marksheets would have required scanning post-interview
  • eForms improved accuracy – capturing the scores electronically eliminated the potential errors that arise from scanning/processing and enabled the reliable capture of text
  • Real-time monitoring of scores – any potential issues could be quickly detected and resolved
  • eForms allows the ready export of data in a usable format that facilitates loading into a database
  • The system is portable and can be used for overseas interviews without the need to transport paper forms
  • The ability to pre-populate many fields on the forms streamlined the completion process – interviewers did not need to type/write names and ID numbers; just select the correct form for the candidate and enter their score.


“The forms were easy to create and pre-populate. We held numerous training sessions with the interviewers so the collection ran very smoothly.”

“The use of eForms enabled MMS Admissions to greatly streamline the interview process as we moved to the multiple mini-interview format. […] The feedback from the interviewers was very positive, even from those who were a bit wary of the technology beforehand.”

Andrew Vaughan, Education Information Analyst, MMS