FORM² can be used to reliably and securely collect research data

The MMS mobile technology research group are using eForms to collate information for a cohort study, following students from year 1 to beyond graduation, evaluating their approach to and use of tablet computers.  Through eForms the group are collecting survey data from the cohort at fixed time points from participants throughout their degrees.  Once collected, the information generated by this study will be used to modify iPad-based teaching and support in the curriculum.

Users reported the benefits of using FORM² over a paper-based research data collection system as follows:

  •  The ease of collation
  • The method of delivery – it was useful to be able to survey students about iPads, using an iPad rather than a separate paper system

“Very easy – FORM² is fairly straightforward to use. Deployment is simple. It is nice not having to chase paper forms and the responses are all stored in one place. Other people can check the surveys before they go out – again all in the one location.”

Phil MacDonald, Lecturer/Clinical Scientist, Institute of Inflammation and Repair